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About Inside Construction:

Inside Construction provides you with all of the latest construction industry news, from the inside. Brought to you from the publisher behind the Sameworld Magazine, Service Managers Journal & UK Plant Operators.

Our aim is simple, to enable companies within the construction industry to reach their target audience, whilst providing those same readers with up to the minute news, inside tips and knowledge of every element that encompasses the industry.

Unlike some publications we strongly believe the key to reaching and engaging our audience is to be social, and our strong social media presence enables us to get the right message across, quickly and to a wide audience, with engaging content and posts that keep our readers entertained and making us their number one choice to get their daily intake of news, in the office and on the go.

Our vast audience and readership consists of industry professionals over the complete field of the construction industry, with many directors, management and key decision makers coming to us for their news and updates, covering sectors such as Contract News, Major Projects, Plant & Equipment, Rail, Technology & Innovation, Health & Safety, Training, Careers and much much more…


Inside Construction deal directly with the Directors, PR & Marketing Teams to ensure we are always providing the latest content that our audience craves.

We also have a specialist team of journalists & photographers with a wealth of industry knowledge and vast experience of working safely on and around construction sites, allowing us to really get the industry news, from the inside.

We believe every company should have an opportunity to tell the world about their business and what they are doing within the industry, as such we publish our editorial free of charge, as long as it meets our quality guidelines. We do offer paid for placement adverts, advertorials and special features however this is entirely optional, if you would like to find out more please contact our sales team.


Spreading The Word: Having the message is great but without the right methods of delivery it will never reach its intended target.

At Inside Construction we distribute and deliver your content both physically & digitally using our 4 key methods: Our Magazine, Our Website, Social Media and Email Newsletters, ensuring maximum exposure over whatever medium suits the end user best.

Our audience is specifically targeted to ensure the content we provide is being delivered to the people within the industry who have a genuine interest in what we publish, with the majority of our readers being key decision makers within the construction industry we connect our clients and sponsors with the right people, providing a great ROI.


Results matter and when you want to gauge how well your message is being received, we can provide you with an insight into what works, and what doesn’t.

We have extensive knowledge of Marketing, Publishing and Promotional content delivery and can work alongside your team to deliver content that works and produces the results you are after, with an extensive list of happy clients you’re in good hands with us.

When it comes to Social Media many publishers will find content can be rather hit and miss, but with our years of trial and error, we are confident that the content we produce and publish is engaging for our audience and delivers the interaction and reactions that speaks volume. Our Social Media following is growing in the hundreds everyday and proudly average a post reach of over 2 and a half a million and growing weekly.

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