Ruby Wax OBE to speak at Safety and Health Expo on mental health

Ruby Wax OBE

Mental health campaigner and comedian Ruby Wax OBE will be speaking at Safety and Health Expo in June.

Ruby Wax, who has published several books on the subject, including Sane New World and A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, will be speaking on 19 June at 11.30, in Safety and Health Expo’s Keynote Theatre. The event is being held at the Excel in London. You can register to attend for free here.

Getting ill ‘in the upstairs department’


Her TED talk – “What’s so funny about mental illness?” – has been viewed online almost 2.5 million times and is one of the most popular on the subject.

In the talk, she talks about how one in four people suffer from mental health and why it is important we end the stigma around the subject.

“My point is, if we don’t talk about this stuff, and we don’t learn how to deal with our lives, it’s not going to be one in four,” she says.

“It’s going to be four in four who are really, really going to get ill in the upstairs department.”

Ruby Wax mental health campaigner, author and academic

Born and raised in Illinois, she moved to the UK to study acting and eventually found fame as a comedian, alongside French and Saunders and Tracy Ullman.

But following her work with Comic Relief, Ruby Wax established herself as a campaigner for greater awareness of mental health issues.

After touring a show entitled Losing It, in which she spoke candidly about her illness, she realised audiences frequently had many of the same experiences, but felt they needed permission to openly discuss it.

The experience led to her book, Sane New World, which considered why so many people felt it was all too much.

Her follow-up book, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled aims to help those feeling like they are losing control.

In addition, she holds a Masters in psychology and is a visiting professor in mental health nursing at the University of Surrey.

Ruby Wax is also a patron of British Neuroscience Association and has worked with the Home Office to raise awareness of mental health.

Hear Ruby Wax at Safety and Health Expo
Register for your free ticket to Safety & Health Expo and hear Ruby Wax’s keynote speech here.


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